Where do you want to go?

Knowing where you want to go, and how long for, is essential to a successful golf trip. Whether it be a weekend at the home of golf, St Andrews, or a week in the glorious Algarve, or even further afield like the UAE, if every member of your golf trip wants to visit a certain location, go there.

You’re guaranteed to have a great time if you’re playing at a course or resort that everyone is happy with. To add, make sure you do your research on courses to play and don’t let one bad review of a course change your mind. Even if one course ends up being poor, you will most likely still have great time with your friends or family.

Use weight allowances/hand luggage

You can often avoid the extra charge of packing a suitcase by using weight allowances cleverly. Most airlines have a 20kg allowance on golf bags, but with the average golf bag only weighing 13kg you should use the spare 7kg to store clothes and shoes. If you use a pencil bag then you may leave even more room to store items.

By moving stuff into your golf travel bag, it may eradicate the need for a suitcase, which often have high costs. You can put clothes in your hand luggage, however make sure you check the airlines hand luggage allowance first.

Take clothes you can wear on and off the course

A lot of golf clothing nowadays is acceptable to wear both on and off the course, and therefore allows you to pack just that little bit lighter. Some people like to wear the golf top they are going to wear the next day on the course, to their evening meal. This way, it almost halves what you have to pack in terms of clothes.

Double-check the weather forecast

This is particularly important if you are planning a golf trip in the UK. We all know that the weather in the UK isn’t brilliant, so checking the weather forecast is a must beforehand. It could be that you need to make sure to pack waterproof clothing, umbrellas and a spare pair of socks for after your round. Alternatively, if you’re lucky enough, it may be that you need to pack some sun cream.

Pick the best flights

This sounds pretty straightforward doesn’t it? But what I mean by this, is don’t necessarily book to play golf on the same day that you fly home. For many it can be extremely stressful, as the main thing you think about during your round is arriving on time for your flight. More so, if you’ve got a group of slow players in front of you.It may cost you slightly more for that extra night, but it will 100% be a much more comfortable. Depending on what time you fly on your first day, in our opinion its always a good idea to book a round that day if you feel up to it.

Don’t worry about paying extra

This follows on nicely from picking the best flights. As mentioned before, staying that extra night may add to the cost but it will make you a lot more comfortable. Also, you must realise that golf holidays are relatively expensive compared to your normal getaway.

If you want to play the better courses, you have to be willing to pay that little bit more. However, you are almost guaranteed to have a great experience if you do pay to play the better courses. These courses are kept in great condition for the most part of the year and the service you will receive will no doubt be exceptional.


Paracetamol or nurofen is a key component on any golf trip for several reasons. First of all, if you are playing several rounds of golf in the week, your body may not be used to so much walking and playing so many shots. This will most likely lead to aches and pains. Also, if you are playing abroad in a hot country, you may get dehydrated and various medicines and drugs will help hydrate you again.

Also, for those who are integrating both golf and nightlife, paracetamol will be your saviour. After a night out on the ale, it may be a good idea to have some paracetamol on hand to help cure that morning hangover.

Go through a golf travel company

Going through a golf travel company, such as Golfingdays.co.uk, will make the booking process so much easier. Companies like ours often have great deals at the best golf courses and hotels. All in all, it is so much easier to have us sort your holiday for you and, you can be sure we will accommodate your every need.

Try and avoid school holidays

Avoiding school holidays will help reduce the cost of your golfing getaway. It is well known that airlines and hotels up their prices during the school holidays, as this is the only time families can get away. By booking outside of these times it will be cheaper and you will most likely find yourself playing millionaires golf. What more could you want? Playing golf, with your mates, in the glorious sunshine and the course to yourself.

Pack enough golf essentials

This one is key. Make sure you pack enough golfing essentials before you leave for your golfing getaway. One thing you must make sure you have enough of is golf balls, especially as many resort courses tend to feature water. Tees should also be at the top of your shopping list. There’s nothing worse than someone asking for tees from the word go.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have a more enjoyable golfing holiday and let us know in the comments if you think we have missed anything.